Various passive and electronic products configurations with a high focus on intrinsic safety and hazadous area applications. Customized hazardous area junction box assemblies (Exe) with Certification. Other products such as sounders and alarms and panel air-conditioning and filter fans compliment this.

Energy (Generatio, Transmission, Distribution)

Passive and electronic interface products for protection, metering and control applications. (Spring loaded terminal technology) Fieldbus components and enclosures including customized assemblies (junction boxes and rail with terminal assemblies).

Petrochemical Oil and Gas

Hazardous area (Exe, Exia) passive products and customized junction box assemblies mainly in stainless steel and polycarbonate materials. Heavy duty connectors and Ex Signal beacons and alarms.

Rail and Rolling Stock

Tension clamp type terminals (Z series) and modular type heavy duty connectors. Polycarbonate enclosures and rail assemblies for field applications. Signaling devices.


Heavy duty connectors and electronic interface products. Hazardous area junction box assemblies, tower lights and most recently SAl fieldbus components.

Metal Processing & Metal Fabrication

Electronic interface products and heavy duty connectors. Some fieldbus component applications. Panel air-conditioning and filter fans.

Water Reticulation and Purification

Mainly passive and electronic interface products as well as customized junction box and rail assemblies.

Building and Construction

Mainly Enclosures and customized junction box assemblies with increasing electronic interface products and fieldbus components

Electrical Control Panel Manufactures

Mainly passive, electronic interface products, heavy duty connectors, installation products and tools and accessories.


PCB terminals and connectors. Modular type heavy dutyconnectors.e Panel air conditioners and filter fans. Some enclosure applications. Over voltage protection.

Marine and shipbuilding CL interface

Electronic interface products and customized hazardous area Enquire junction box assemblies and alarms. “Exd” junction boxes and intrinsic safe interface products for oil platforms.

Food and Beverage

Electronic interface products, Stainless steel enclosures, customized junction box assemblies and tower light indicators. Fieldbus components. Electronic modules and components. Sensor and actuator interface. Field Bus modules.

Machine builders and OEM’s

PCB terminals and connectors, customized rail assemblies, modular type heavy duty connectors and increasing fieldbus component applications. Electronic components.


Customized rail assemblies, modular type heavy duty connectors and increasing fieldbus component applications. Electronic components. Junction boxes and customer specific assemblies.

Renewable Energy

Photovoltaic customized combiner junction boxes, Monitoring Systems for installations and panel connector boxes and special connectors for large photovoltaic systems including special stripping and crimping tools for conductors and cableVsiew All used in PV installations.